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A Heat Pump is Perfect for Our Twin Cities, Minnesota Climate

Although our skin tells us differently, when it's cold outside there is still heat which can be brought indoors. And, when it's hot outside there is still cool air which can be used to cool your home. Here's how heat pumps work in our four very distinct seasons in Minneapolis, St Paul, MN:

Heat Pumps in Spring - Heat pumps work best when the outside air is between +20 to +125 degrees farenheit. So from March to June your furnace will barely kick in because your heat pump will find enough warm air outside to be used indoors.

Heat Pumps in Summer -From June to September temperatures in the Minneapolis and St Paul areas start to climb. In summer months, a heat pump will start to work like an air conditioner. It pumps the heat fom inside your home and exhausts it outside much like your air conditioner does.

Heat Pumps in Fall - September through December in Minnesota, temperatures start to fall. Now a heat pump will start to find warm air outside and bring it indoors. A heat pump works like a window air conditioner which has been put in your window backwards! Your furnace will barely run except when it gets really cold, at night for example.

Heat Pumps in Winter - Winter is usually well under way from sometime in December and it doesn't let up much until March. Even so, think of all the days where the temperature climbs above +20 degrees. On warm winter days, your furnace will most likely not even run, your heat pump takeover. Think of the money you will save!!!

If I Have a Heat Pump, do I Still Need a Furnace?

In climates which aren't as harsh as the Twin Cities, MN area, a furnace isn't even needed, a heat pump is all that is necessary! Here in Minnesota though, a gas furnace still plays an important role in a home's heating and air conditioning system, but is not used nearly as much when combined with a heat pump. Remember, when temperatures drop below +20 degrees, heat pumps are generally ineffective unless you have installed a geothermal heat pump.